We’re routing orders to where they’ll be fulfilled most efficiently, whether that’s to one of our in-house branches or a backup facility. You can expect delays in fulfillment for some products.

Our top product categories, DTG, embroidery, and all-over products, are taking longer than usual to fulfill, especially in the US. For these products, you can expect fulfillment to take up to 25 business days. We’re working on improving speed, mostly by investing in new printing equipment and hiring more fulfillment specialists.

We are making progress with our non-apparel categories, especially in Europe. Some products, like phone cases, are being fulfilled within 3 business days in all locations.

Note that for mixed orders with separate fulfillment estimates, follow the product with a longer estimate. For example, if you have an order with a t-shirt (fulfillment in 20-25 days) and phone cases (fulfillment in 2-4 business days), you can expect to receive the order after the t-shirt has been fulfilled.